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Simone Nunes Brandao
Postdoctoral fellow
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte
Natal, RN, Brazil


Scratchpad user since June 2013

Research field
Biodiversity, Macroecology, Systematics and Palaeontology with focus on Ostracoda (Crustacea)

Professional experience
15 years in scientific research. Participation in numerous scintific conferences. Obtained several research and travel grants from several institutions. Collaborate with scientists around the globe (Germany, Brasil, USA, China, England, etc), unfortunately except Africa. I visited and have worked in several research institutions, e.g. NHM, London, Grenoble ESRF (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, in Grenoble), IRSNB (Natural History Museum Brussels), etc. Editor, Curator, Contributor to several international networks: e.g. WoRMS, RAMS (Register of Antarctic Marine Species), EOL, etc