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Angelo Bolzern
Post-doctoral researcher
Natural History Museums
Basel, Switzerland


Research field
Zoological systematics, phylogenetics, taxonomy, invertebrate zoology, arachnology, biodiversity

Professional experience
2005–2006 GBIF project: registration of the Psyllid-collections from the Natural History Museums of Basel and Geneva.
2005–2007 Employee of the CSCF for a two year project regarding the Red-List of ground living Arthropods
2007–2010 Teaching assistant at the University of Basel and the ‘Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz’
2010–2011 Teaching at different school levels (primary and secondary schools).
2010–2011 Employee for three month at the Natural History Museum Basel; involved in a project concerning “BioOffice” (a database for collection data)
2011–2012 Employee at a private office for nature conservation (focusing on renaturation of marsh land)
2012–2013 Post-doctoral researcher at the AMNH, NY, USA, as part of a PBI project (Oonopidae)
2014– Post-doctoral researcher at the Natural History Museums of Basel, Switzerland