Drupal Developer

With a Masters in computer science and an early career in the video games industry, Alice has been developing Drupal based websites for over 7 years - contributing numerous patches and modules to the Drupal community. You can view her Drupal user profile and her LinkedIn profile.

Project manager
Dave Roberts is a microbiologist specialising in ciliated protozoa. The problems of ciliate nomenclature led to Dave's involvement in the influential Nomencurator project and, indirectly, to running Workpackage 6 (Unifying revisionary Taxonomy on the Web) in the EU-funded Network of Excellence EDIT.

e-Taxonomy Support Specialist

Dimitris is a biologist. He was awarded his PhD from Aristotle University in the field of Plant Systematics and Biodiversity working with aromatic plants of the Labiatae family. He participated, as a research associate, in several EU co-funded biodiversity research programs. He is currently involved in organising and delivering parts of the outreach and support program of Scratchpads and also works on the diversity and taxonomy of the genus Thymus in SE Europe.

Ed is a biologist, bioinformatician, Drupal developer and ex-physicist with an interest in the orthopteroid insects groups, particularly stick insects and cockroaches. He has been using Scratchpads for a number of projects since 2007, and joined the team in 2008 recording how-to screencasts to help our early users through the teething stages of the project. These days Ed is mainly involved in the eMonocot project, developing new functionality for the botanical community and to allow users to export their data via DarwinCore Archives. Outside of the Scratchpad project he works for the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature and is also involved in a number of citizen science projects (e.g. the Lyme Regis Digital Live Science Experiment). He will describe species in exchange for cheese.

Drupal Developer

Katherine worked previously as a Drupal developer for the citizen science Open Air Laboratory (OPAL) portal, based at the Natural History Museum. Prior to that she worked in information and knowledge management, database design and data standards for national and international projects in meteorology and oceanography, including the World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE), the Tropical Ocean Global Atmosphere (TOGA) Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Response Experiment (COARE) and METAFOR.

Support & Outreach

Laurence works on the support and outreach activities for eMonocot and Scratchpads. He previously worked on Coreoidea Species File, a online catalogue for the leaf-footed bugs of the world.

I love Scratchpads

Lead Developer

Simon is the Scratchpads lead developer and leader of Work Package Two (WP2) of the ViBRANT project. He is particularly keen on a Party Ring, and all favours can be paid for, in kind, with a Tunnock's Caramel Wafer.

Scratchpads Coordinator & ViBRANT PI
Vince is research scientist at the Natural History Museum London, developing Web-based tools to study biodiversity. His focus is on making taxonomy a Web based science, and plugging this in to the wider network of scholarly communication tools and services. When he is not doing this, he works on the evolution of parasitic lice (Insecta: Phthiraptera). He coordinates the Scratchpad project and the two funding programmes (EU FP7 ViBRANT, and the NHM's component of NERC funded eMonocot project) that provide most of the Scratchpads financial support. He also works with staff at the NHM alongside other institutions and initiatives to ensure that the Scratchpads meet the needs of stakeholders.